We Offer the Best Systems in the Industry and Back it Up With a Lifetime Warranty.

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We Offer the Best Systems in the Industry

and Back it Up With a Lifetime Warranty.

Call Now for a FREE Quote!!
(866) 797-9755

Services We Offer

Quality Dry Basements offers the perfect solution to basements issues across many places in Connecticut and New York. Our mission to use the correct methodology with proven research, use quality equipment, and back our work up with a lifetime warranty.

Wet Basement Solutions

Your problems with that musty, wet basement end here. When other waterproofing systems fail, Quality Dry Basements’ stay dry – and we guarantee it in writing.

Common Problems

Every homeowner trying to fix a leaky, wet basement should have a clear understanding of what problems they are trying to solve.

  • Quality Dry Basements

    Dreary Damp Basement

    Where the floor is always damp and water pools when it rains.

  • Quality Dry Basements

    Water Leaks around
    Ground-Level Windows

    Water drips down our walls whenever it rains. We worry that water might be causing mold or damage inside the walls.

  • Quality Dry Basements

    Water in the Walls

    • Our paint bubbles and peels more every year. We don’t know how to stop the water from getting into our walls.
  • Quality Dry Basements

    Mold and Mildew
    in the Basement

    We can’t get rid of the mold and mildew because it’s always so damp and wet in our basement. We can’t get fresh air, and it’s a safety hazard.

A few things to keep in mind about water:

  • A) Water pressure against your foundation- hydrostatic pressure, increases the stress pushing against your foundation, exhibiting an increase in the strain on your foundation. Cracks are common as the stress continues to push against the foundation. As this stress increases, walls may begin to push inward and eventually collapse.
  • B) Our soils in the region are acidic in nature, which lead to acidic groundwater. This acid slowly eats away at the concrete and mortar, dissolving the lime, leaving behind the sand. This dissolving of the cement and mortar severely compromises the structural integrity of the foundation, allowing the walls to push in even easily.
  • C) The only way to inhibit this dual action against the foundation is to remove the hydrostatic pressure along the walls. By removing majority of the water within the back-filled area surrounding the house, the hydrostatic pressure is decreased significantly and the chemical reactions, which can ruin the foundation, are diminished.

The Difference at a Glance

  • Quality Dry Basements uses only ICC approved materials of the highest quality.
  • With a background in both waterproofing and foundation repair, we have a comprehensive understanding of your problem.
  • Our system uses the most recent technologies for stabilizing your structure by measuring the friction from the soil and the pressure against the bedrock.
  • We ensure that customers know exactly what they are paying us for.
  • We provide full insurance.
  • Financing is available.
  • Educational sales presentation – no high pressure sales.

Sump Pump

A good sump pump is your final line of defense against indoor flooding.

Basement flooding is most often caused by water build up in the soil that makes its way into your basement. A sump pump is used to pump out water from the lowest section of the basement before the water level reaches the basement floor.

Effective sump pumps need to be operational round the clock to avoid flooding and overflowing the sump pit. Many pumps come with a battery backup power supply that will pump water out of the house for an extended period of time in case the primary power system fails.

While installing sump pumps, it might be useful to also include perimeter drainage in your crawl space or basement. Otherwise you must be prepared to push excess water into the sump pump well when necessary. You also need to stow your drainage system and all items – especially the electrical ones – up off the flower, at such times.

Quality Dry Basements

Why is a Sump Pump So Important to Solving Your Web Basement Problems?

A sump pump is an electrical pump installed in a home’s basement to pump water either outside or into the home’s drainage pipe system. It usually works in combination with a sump well or sealed sump crock pit. The sump pit collects the water before discharging it to a chosen location.

Our Professionals Evaluate the Following

  • The amount of water you generally get in the basement when it rains.
  • Overall length and height of the discharge line.
  • Optimum discharge location(s), so water will not run back against the foundation.
Quality Dry Basements

Mold Remediation

The words WET and MUSTY don’t have to apply to your basement anymore!

Call Quality Dry Basements to get the right system for your home. We provide the best waterproofing systems that guarantee in keeping your basement dry at affordable rates.

Do you recognize any of these mold problems?

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Quality Dry Basements

Research Indicates That Mold Can Be Extremely Harmful

Mold consists of naturally occurring microscopic organisms, which reproduce by spores. They break down and feeds on organic matter in the environment. Mold spores spread through the air, and the combination of excessive moisture and organic matter allows for their growth.

Not all, but certain types and amounts of mold can lead to adverse health effects, and/or visible residue growth ranging in color from orange to green, brown, and/or black. Often there is a musty odor present. Reducing moisture in your home and keeping it properly clean significantly reduces the chance of mold growth.

Mold Spreads Quickly in Your Home, and It Can Also Spread Through Your Body

Mold spores float through the air and we inhale them into our lungs. They spread in the warm, moist internal environment. Spores grow in the bathroom, behind walls, under floors, through the ceiling, vents, under carpets, and wherever they can find sufficient place to spread. They creep through your walls, your floorboards, and flourishes in plain sight, and even in the remotest, darkest corners.

Quality Dry Basements

Is There Mold in Your Home?

Check your home to see if you have some of the warning signs of a mold infestation:

Quality Dry Basements
  • Visible mold around the corners.
  • Bubbling or swelling of walls or flooring.
  • Musty odors, showers, bath, sink, or toilet overflows.
  • Inadequate ventilation.
  • Leaky faucets, plumbing.
  • Discoloration of walls, baseboards, doors, window frames, ceilings.
  • Moisture dripping from or around vents.
  • Loose, missing, or failing grout or caulk around tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, or countertops.
  • Any excessive moisture.